Our 3rd Birthday Celebrations were held 7 October to 11 October.

The Art and Craft Demonstrations attracted lots of visitors on Tuesday.  The demonstrations included Paint Pouring on glassware, terracotta and tiles;  stencilling and fabric painting;  mono printing;  air-dry clay modelling;  wood burning; machine embroidery and knitting and crochet.  Thank you to all who attended and mostly, thank you to our demonstrators.  It was a big day!

The Be Connected project was very successful and we attracted a lot of interest from people wanting to learn more about how to use the internet for everyday living.

We had record sales in the Art and Craft Gallery as many people made the best of our 25% off sale.  We will have some very happy exhibitors at the end of the month when we hand out the proceeds of their sales!

The raffle was drawn at midday on Friday.  Congratulations to all our happy winners.  A big thanks to everyone who donated prizes to the raffle.  Proceeds of the raffle will go towards shelving for our ever expanding Plant Stall.

A huge week!  And a very successful week as we welcomed lots of newcomers to our centre.