A disappointing start to the week after discovering yet another break in on the weekend.  Fortunately this time nothing was stolen, but newly purchased padlocks were cut from sheds and gates. Obviously someone wanted the lawn mower we bought a couple of months ago, to replace the previous one that was stolen.  No such luck!  It remained securely locked away.  Just gives you a sick feeling that we have people with such a lack of conscience in our community.

The Upper Murray Neighbourhood House Network held its final gathering for 2018 at Mt Beauty Neighbourhood Centre on Tuesday and Wednesday.  It is always really beneficial to get together with other N/House coordinators and managers and share ideas and thoughts.  We had some amazing guest speakers who filled us with knowledge, inspiration and ideas. The network spreads from Corrying to Yarrawonga and Wangaratta etc. so its not often we manage to get together.

Thank you to all the members who are filling up our Gallery with Christmas goodies!  The year is certainly going quickly!

Our next Paint Pouring Workshop will be held on Friday 7 December.  It is full, but we have a waiting list for anyone who is keen to attend. The topic is Glassware and Baubles. Paint Pouring at Baranduda Community Centre will be held this Friday evening at their “Sip and Splatter”, thank you, Heather for offering to teach this group.  Should be a lot of fun!