Last Friday afternoon we held another Paint Pouring Workshop.  We started with small canvases and then went on to baubles,  for Christmas tree decorations or simply for home décor.  It was a really productive afternoon, filled with laughter!  We will be holding another workshop on 9 November, at which we will paint pour on glassware and more baubles.

The garden is looking beautiful, so many flowers blossoming and we finally got the lawns mowed.  Thank you so much to our volunteers,  as always. Without you the garden would soon become over run with weeds, especially at this time of year!

We have had many new visitors to the Art and Craft Gallery lately,  it’s been a great month for sales.  Many of our members will get a little extra pocket money at the end of the month! (Some will get quite a lot extra!)

Ever resourceful, we made a light box out of an huge cardboard box, a couple of cheap torches, some card and some white nylon fabric.  So we are now able to photograph gallery items for advertising in a way that really enhances them.

We were really fortunate to have had some secondhand chairs donated to us by Southern Vale Homes.  Thank you Leisha and Dave for delivering them.  They have replaced some of our worn out chairs, much more comfortable!