On one of the morning shows on TV they were asking people to send in their worst commute to work.  It got me thinking….

I drive to work down the Kiewa Valley, with views of the snow in my rear vision mirror.  It is a relaxing 20 minute cruise.  The most stress I have is if I get stuck behind a tractor for two minutes, or a huge traffic jam (at least six cars!) when I get into Wodonga.

We are so lucky living in this area!  I would never want to move back to the big smoke.  It used to take me anything up to two hours when I lived and worked in Sydney and Melbourne about a hundred years ago.  I would sit baking in the traffic, breathing the fumes with the window open, no air conditioners in cars then, and watching the temperature gauge rising, hoping my car wouldn’t  boil and  die.  I don’t think things have changed much, as far as people’s daily commutes in capital cities.  I guess cars are better able to cope with sitting in giant car parks (freeways!) for long periods of time! Not sure if people are!

So I drove to work looking at cows in paddocks, the snow still up on the mountain, then lovely gardens in Wodonga with blossoms starting to come out and I thought… lucky us! We sure do live in a wonderful part of the world!