We seem to be racing towards the end of the year!  Term 3 is nearly finished already.

Thanks to everyone who filled in our in-house survey.  There were a few requests for some new classes, which I will look into.  But generally,  everyone is really happy with our current activities and just want more of the same!  That’s a great validation for us!

With the approaching warmer weather, it’s time for our exhibiting members to start clearing the Gallery of items such as mittens and scarves.  Last year we sold quite a lot of Christmas themed goodies so it’s worth considering such things as Christmas decorations etc.  We have been experimenting with Paint Pouring on Christmas baubles and other new ideas.  Look out for our Paint Pouring Workshops coming up, Saturday 6 Oct and Friday 19 Oct.  Should be lots of fun and creativity!

The Gallery is a great place to buy Christmas gifts.  A hand crafted, affordable gift is so unique and special, everyone is sure to appreciate it.  We welcome visitors, and it’s lovely when newcomers visit and express their surprise at our range of arts and crafts.