Another busy week at Trudewind!

The Art and Craft Gallery had great sales over August, with nearly $500 worth of arts and craft sold. Now is the time for our members to start thinking Christmas (how did that come round so quick?)  Perhaps remove some of the winter gear, scarves, mittens etc and replace them with ‘summery’ items. Well done, Gwen, our star seller for the month, with a whopping $150 worth of goodies sold!

This morning we discovered that our new lawn mower had been stolen…. Greg (Lyn’s husband) only purchased it in August.  Obviously someone felt their needs were greater than ours.  Very disillusioning, to say the least!

The VCAL students flocked into the centre on Monday morning and a good time was had by all.  Several of them continued to work on their knitting and crochet, thanks to those lovely ladies who helped them.  I had a few doing basic sketching, which was great.  And the others continued their work on designing mosaic tiling for our outdoor seating.  This was the last Year 12 visit, hopefully we will see some Year 11 students some time soon.

Look out for our Paint Pouring workshops coming up next term.  We have some surprises in store!

Trudewind sold a record number of Fruit and Veg bags in August…..108 were sold.  The craft ladies have been busy cutting and sewing to keep up with the demand.  Its a great way to reduce using plastic bags, and you can just leave your fruit and veg in these bags in the fridge!

Speaking of caring for our environment, we would like to encourage everyone to think about re-cycling at the centre.  Milk cartons, alum cans, paper etc can all go to re-cycling.  There will be a separate bin in the foyer soon.